Accessible self-service check-in kiosks

Accessible check-in kiosks are available throughout the departures level of Terminals 1 and 3 and can be identified by the navigational keypad located on the right side of the kiosk touch screen. Many airlines offer an accessible self-service check-in option. Contact your airline for more information

accessible check-in kiosk

Accessible check-in kiosks offer the following features: 

  • navigational keypad featuring braille labelling and tactilely discernible keys that are operable with one hand;
  • a headphone jack with volume control for audible instructions; 
  • anti-glare coating on the touch monitors to ease reading in bright light conditions; and 
  • wheelchair-accessible height, like all check-in kiosks at Pearson.

We also have fully accessible kiosks in Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).