Transportation accessibility

Driving your car to and from Pearson

Accessible Parking

Our parking garages are accessible and provide designated accessible parking spots for use by accessible parking permit holders. Read more about our parking options.

Height Restriction

The maximum height for vehicles entering Daily Park is 2.4 metres (Terminal 1), and 2.0 metres (Terminal 3). For oversized parking, try our uncovered lots at Value Park Lot or Viscount Reserved Lot. These remote lots are connected to both Terminals 1 and 3 using the LINK train (accessible).

Being driven to and from Pearson 

Accessible drop-off

Accessible drop-off locations are available at the inner curb lanes on the Departures Level of both terminals. They feature a large international symbol for accessibility and overhead digital signage for easy finding, a cut curb with tactile indicator walking strip, seating, a phone with large print and braille signage offering a direct line to request mobility assistance upon arrival by dialing “3″, and a scannable barcode (“QR code”) providing you access to more contact options from your own mobile device.

Designated accessible drop-off areas can be found at the following locations. “Post” numbers are displayed at the top of the columns that run across the curb and are visible as you drive up:

Terminal 1 - Departures level, inner curb

  • Post 9
  • Post 21
  • Post 37

Terminal 3 - Departures level, inner curb

  • Post 17
  • Post 29

Public pick-up

Please use the most convenient parking building (for Terminal 1 this is normally the Express Parking building). Once you have parked, please proceed to the terminal to collect the arriving passenger.

If you are meeting an arriving passenger outside the terminal, please proceed to the Arrivals Level of the appropriate terminal and collect the passenger. Note that drivers are not to park or leave their vehicles unattended in this area.

Read more about passenger pick-up and drop-off.


WheelTrans offers accessible transit service at Pearson. Pick-up and drop-off is at the inner curb of the following locations. Note “Post” numbers are displayed at the top of the columns that run across the curb:

  • Terminal 1: Arrivals Level 1, Door E (between E1 and E3)
  • Terminal 1: Departures Level 3, Posts 9, 21 and 37
  • Terminal 3: Departures Level, Posts 19 and 29

Read more about Public Transportation options serving Pearson, including UP Express.

Curbside Assistance

Curbside assistance is provided to passengers upon request. 

For passengers with disabilities arriving or departing from the airport that require assistance, including guided assistance, from the curbside to the airline counter or from the terminal to the curbside upon disembarkation of an aircraft, assistance can be provided. We recommend that you schedule curbside assistance arrangements in advance with the airline you are travelling with in order for an airline representative to meet you at the public drop-off or pick-up location and assist you to the airline check-in counter. 

Upon arrival at the airport, designated accessible passenger loading zones, as identified above, may be used.

For Air Canada passengers only, please call 416-776-2700 or send an email to to pre-arrange curbside assistance.

Assistance, including guiding assistance, from the curbside to the airline counter is available approximately three (3) hours prior to your flight’s departure.

Taxis and Limos

If you are travelling with a service animal, please make your request for service to the Groundside Officers located at the Taxi and Limo stands in the following locations:

Terminal 1 – Arrivals Level (Map)

  • Taxis: Door D
  • Limos: Door C

Terminal 3 – Arrivals Level (Map)

  • Taxis: Doors D, E and F
  • Limos: Door F 

If you require an accessible vehicle, capable of carrying a non-folding or non-collapsible mobility aid please visit the pre-arranged desk inside the terminals. These vehicles are requested and dispatched upon request.

Terminal 1 – Arrivals Level (Map)

  • Pre-arranged desk inside the terminal at Door A

Terminal 3 – Arrivals Level (Map)

  • Pre-arranged desk inside the terminal at Door A

Read more about Taxi and Limo service.

In-airport travelling

LINK train

If you need to get from one terminal to another, the LINK train is accessible. It also travels between the two terminals and the Value Lot garage.

Infield Concourse

If your flight is departing or arriving from/to the Infield Concourse gates, there are shuttle buses that will take you from/to Terminal 3. The journey takes approximately 10 minutes, and you’ll get an exciting view of the airfield in motion from the bus. Learn more.