Commuting to Pearson

Discounted fares on the UP Express

Please be advised that effective January 29, 2024, Metrolinx will increase their UP Express one-way trip fare from Union Station to Toronto Pearson Airport for employees enrolled in the Airport Employee Program. The fare for Union to Pearson trips one-way will increase to $7.41. The 40% savings will remain the same for Bloor-Pearson and Weston-Pearson one-way trips for airport employees. Fare discounts on non-Pearson trips will be eliminated from the Airport Employee Program, including trips between Union and Bloor, between Union and Weston, and between Bloor and Weston. Learn more on the UP Express website.

The UP Express Airport Employee Program provides discounted fares to employees working on Toronto Pearson airport grounds.

Two types of tickets can be purchased by registered Airport Employees through the UP Express website:

  • One-way ticket, valid for a single trip between any two stations, prices as follows:
    - Union-Pearson, both directions: $7.41
    - Bloor-Pearson, both directions: $3.39
    - Weston-Pearson, both directions: $3.18
  • Weekly pass ($59.28), valid immediately after activation by user for 7 days of unlimited travel on UP Express

Presentation of your RAIC or identification verifying your employment on Airport grounds is required to be produced when travelling, or as requested by UP Express staff.

For additional details, visit UP Express.

Public Transport Planning

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