Parking permits

Parking Permit Pick Up


Location: Terminal 1 Garage, Level 4 South Lobby across from the South Bridge
Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm excluding Holidays
Phone: (416) 776-2820


Steps for parking access:

Additional Services:

  • Inquire about special access and permits
  • Ask about your account or billing.
  • Report a lost or defective parking access card.
  • Return your parking access card. 

Revalidate your parking information every year

All employees must revalidate their parking information every year to make sure we have the most accurate and current information on record. Our revalidation program ensures that we can accurately plan and maintain parking space availability.

To revalidate your parking information, complete the Employee Parking Revalidation form. Non-authorized vehicles will be tagged and towed from the parking facility.

Online parking payment

GTAA partners, airlines and vendors can make payments online using our Employee Parking Payment Form.