Airport Safety Week 2023: Day 1

Environmental Safety: Air Quality

It’s important for us all to maintain the air quality around the airport, especially on baggage roads and parking garages. Turn off the engine of your vehicle or equipment when not in use and don’t idle. Gas and diesel powered vehicles operating should undergo regular maintenance to reduce airborne contaminants generated from vehicles. You will see signage posted throughout these areas as a reminder.

Environmental Safety: Proper Disposal of items on the Apron and around the Airfield

Let’s work together to keep the airside clean by disposing of items in the appropriate place:  

  • Avoid bringing waste outside onto the apron - place food and drink containers in garbage bins
  • Put large items like palettes and carboard in a UPAK container and secure the lid when closing!
  • Hazardous waste (i.e., oil, skydrol containers or oil rags) needs to be coordinated through your carrier or operation for disposal through your maintenance facility  

Keeping our apron clean helps to prevent FOD and reduces the amount of wildlife that are attracted to the airport. 

Visit the safety stop to learn more and download a shift briefing about safe driving behaviours and FOD.   

Today’s activities and contest

Take the Environmental Awareness course and submit a screen shot of your complete certificate to for your chance to win a jar of Just Plane Honey. 

Tune in Monday, September 18 at 12pm EST to watch a Canadian Airports Council (CAC) Webinar: Presentation by Executive Aviation.

Read the full contest rules.