Airport Safety Week 2023: Day 2

Worker Safety and Security Safety

Each of us is an important member of the airport team. Although everyone’s job descriptions are different, everyone is equally responsible for ensuring the safety and security of our airport and passengers.

Watch this video from Craig Bradbrook, the GTAA’s Chief Operating Officer, discussing the importance of a safe return to work and key changes within our airside environment.

Non-Passenger Screening of Vehicles (NPSV) is Critical to a Safe Operation Airside

Non-Passenger Screening of Vehicles (NPS-V), means all people entering the airside must have their Restricted Area Identity Cards (RAIC) or temporary pass and Airside Vehicle Operators’ Permits (AVOP) checked. All passengers of the vehicle will also need to present their RAIC or temporary pass. 

If you are a RAIC holder escorting a temporary pass holder, please assist the temporary pass holder to screen when they enter the area. If you are selected for screening, you will have yourself, your personal items and the vehicle screened. You will not be permitted through the screening point if you refuse to show your RAIC for verification.

Do you need some guidance on finding locations or have questions? Call 416-776-7381 for assistance. Download the shift briefing.

What to do when approaching Non-Passenger Screening of Vehicles (NPS-V) area 

All vehicles needing to drive on the airside are required to be screened by a Canadian Aviation Transportation Security Agency (CATSA) officer. Here are the steps: 

  • Step 1: Approach the booth in your vehicle and come to a full stop at the stop sign.
  • Step 2: Drivers and passengers of the vehicles present their RAIC to the officer for verification. 
  • Step 3: Drive to the stop sign with an electronic display below. If a red X is visible, you have been selected to complete full screening. Please pull off into the CATSA inspection area. If you see a green arrow, you may continue on your way. 

Lock then Walk

Do your part in promoting a culture of security vigilance and reporting! 

By maintaining the security of the airport, we contribute to an environment where workers, passengers, aircraft and our facility can remain safe from threats.

Unauthorized movement of passengers and employees between security areas is a serious concern. These incidents could impact and inconvenience our airlines and passengers by causing flight delays due to security breaches.

Here’s how you can help prevent incidents from happening:

  • Swipe your RAIC or keycard every time it is required.
  • When going through a secure door, always make sure you push or pull it closed until it locks before walking away.
  • Some doors have closers that cause them to shut slowly, which can allow the opportunity for someone to go through if the door is unattended. Monitor these doors until they’re fully closed behind you.
  • Stop anyone who tries to follow you through doors that are opened with a RAIC swipe.
  • Do your part in promoting a culture of security and report any concerns in the moment.
  • Visit the safety stop to learn more about Safe Movement. Download the shift briefing


Security reminders for employees

Restricted Area

People in any area of the aerodrome that is restricted to authorized persons only must carry a valid Restricted Area Identity Card (RAIC) or other valid Document of Entitlement.

Download the shift briefing.

Controlled Areas: CBSA Inspection Areas at Terminal 1 and 3

CBSA areas are strictly controlled and enforced. Employees are prohibited from entering this area unless they have a need and right. Employees are prohibited from meeting family and/or friends in this area as well as any location in the Restricted Area. Please make arrangements to meet family members on the public side. Unauthorized access occurrences will be investigated by the GTAA and may result in the confiscation of an employee’s security access privileges.

Employee Loitering

Employee dwelling and gathering in passenger areas of the terminal for non-work-related purposes is prohibited. Unless you are directly working in these spaces, do not loiter in the following areas:

  • Boarding lounges and corridors
  • Screening points
  • Tenant controlled spaces and offices
  • Government inspections areas

Need and Right

You must have a need and a right to be in a Restricted Area.

  • Need = your work-related duties.
  • Right = your airport pass.

Temporary Airport Passes

  • Temporary Security Control Pass: Issued to one who is awaiting transportation security clearance.
  • Temporary Visitor Passes: Issued to one who requires short term access i.e., 24 hours.

Information Phones

Information phones are located in the terminal buildings and parking garages and are used for general information or to report an emergency.


Eye on Safety Awards Recognition Program

In 2023, we refreshed the Eye on Safety Awards program to include awards that are given out in the moment by Airside Safety and Public Safety Officers, as well as monthly awards for individuals and organizations for their contributions to healthy and safe work practices in every area of our airport.

The categories are:

  • In The Moment Awards: Health and Safety Champion - This award recognizes individuals for their actions in promoting health, safety, and security as part of their daily job functions.
  • Individual Awards: Health and Safety Leader - This award recognizes individuals for actions that go above and beyond expectations to improve the culture of health, safety, and security at the airport.
  • Organizational Awards: Health and Safety Leaders - This award recognizes the collective actions of organizations or groups who demonstrate exemplary leadership in their health, safety, and security initiatives.

Learn more about the Eye on Safety Awards and how to nominate a colleague or organization today! 

Vote for our TOP 2023 Eye on Safety Nominees! The deadline to vote is September 22, 2023.


Pass Office update: Changes to YYZ Transportation Security Clearance Applications

Transport Canada moved the Transportation Security Clearance Application fully online using DocuSign which was effective July 12, 2023. All airport employees will be required to apply through the DocuSign program including the secure upload of IDs and supporting documentation. Any paper applications that were prepared before July 12 will be accepted at the Pass Office and applicants do not need to reapply using DocuSign. Visit the Pass Office webpage for more information.


Today’s activities and contest

To enter today’s contest for a chance to win a grand prize, simply take one of the below courses and submit a screen shot of your completed learning to

Read the full contest rules.

Tune in Tuesday, September 19 at 1pm EST to watch a Canadian Airports Council (CAC) Webinar: Disrupting Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking in Canadian Airports - Presentation by Natalie Muyres.