North American Occupational Safety and Health Week

North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week took place May 6 to 10, 2024, raising awareness about occupational health, safety and security to increase engagement and prevent workplace incidents, injuries and illnesses.

NOASH content featured daily themes highlighting important initiatives that help keep our airport, passengers, and workforce healthy, safe and secure.

Employees were encouraged to participate in our online and onsite activities as an opportunity to connect with our community and win prizes!

Thank you to our sponsors and congratulations to our prize winners:

  • Eric Biard-Goble: AGI: Ride Along in an ASO Vehicle (sponsored by GTAA ASO)
  • Alexander Sukhorukov: GTAA: 3M assorted gift bag (sponsored by 3M)
  • Xavier Bridglall: GTAA: 3M DBI-SALA 5 Gallon Safe Bucket (sponsored by 3M)
  • Debra Umpleby: Air Canada: 1-week free parking (sponsored by GTAA Parking)
  • Kristina Lenz: WestJet: Jar of Honey (sponsored by: GTAA environmental)
  • Andy Malawi: WestJet: 2xBlue Jays tickets (sponsored by: Kenaidan)
  • Ulyana Beley: Westjet: 2xBlue Jays tickets (sponsored by: Kenaidan)
  • Jordan Cato: GTAA: $500 AC gift card (donated by Securiguard)
  • Roland Valentin: Air Canada:  4xVIP box ticket to New Kids on the Block (sponsored by: Sempler Gooder)
  • Amal Musa: GTAA Meet & Greet with our working birds (sponsored by: Falcon Environmental)
  • Nadine Chatelaine: GTAA: Meet & Greet K9 working dogs (sponsored by: Securiguard)
  • Leanna Cowen-Kuczuk: WestJet: Firehall Tour (Sponsored by GTAA FES Team)
  • Eugen Hossu: GTAA : Ride Along in Runway Inspection Vehicle (sponsored by: GTAA AMF team)
  • Matthew Watson: GTAA: Roadside Safety Kit
  • Sarah Steane: GTAA: Roadside Safety Kit
  • Jesse Rehill: GTAA: Drinkware Set
  • Nadine Chatelaine: GTAA: Roadside Safety Kit
  • Ian Marshall: GTAA: Drinkware Set
  • Alexander Jamal: GTAA: Roadside Safety Kit
  • Sam Greene: GTAA: Drinkware Set

Successful Safety Fair turnout

Thank you to everyone who supported our Safety Fair on May 9 in Terminal 1 to explore our airport safety programs, learn about new advancements in health, safety and security and network with colleagues and Pearson partners.

We collaborated with business units across the GTAA and the airport community. The spirit of the safety fair is to elevate the employee experience through education, advocacy, communication and promotion of safe and secure airport operations in conjunction with wellbeing.

Shoutout to our FOD Walk participants

Thank you to all the Toronto Pearson employees who participated in our foreign object debris (FOD), walks on Friday, May 10 at Terminals 1, 3 and Cargo West. We had over 85 participants helping to pick up foreign object debris keep our runways safe. Prevention and proper disposal of FOD helps mitigate injuries and damages to aircrafts and our FOD Walk was a great initiative to give back while getting to know your fellow co-workers!

For further information, please send your questions or suggestions to the TPS team at

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