Reporting a safety concern

You can keep Toronto Pearson safe. Here’s how you can report emergencies, security concerns and proactively prevent injuries. For general inquiries about the Toronto Pearson Safety Program or to get in touch with the Safety Team directly, please e-mail

Emergency situations


Including potential injury, suspicious persons, vandalism and life threatening situations.

Do not call 911.

Proactive concerns, and employee injury, illness or near-misses

Scan this code (or fill out the Reporting Form) to report proactive safety concerns to:

  • Report proactive safety concerns, like wet or icy floors, dangling wires, or unsafe behaviours.
  • Report employee injury or near-miss (GTAA only) such as slip, trip & fall, struck by equipment or moving objects, back injuries, illness such as dizziness after exposure to hazardous chemical, etc.  
  • NOTE: Non-GTAA employees should follow their company’s injury reporting procedures)

*Exception to reporting through On-line Form: If an employee identifies an unsafe behaviour or unsafe condition (ex: working at heights with no fall protection, a vehicle speeding on the airside apron), proactively report this to the non-emergency number right away (416-776-3055)

NOTE: This reporting form is monitored Monday to Friday during regular business hours. If you have an emergency, always call 416-776-3033.

Urgent, but non-emergency


Call for urgent non-emergency situations like spills, leaks, or maintenance issues.

Security concerns


Call for security concerns like unattended items, gates or doors not closing/securing, or piggybacking.

What happens when you report a safety concern?

When a safety concern is report, we start a 7-step process to assess and address the issue:

  • First response – Thank you for reporting!
  • Risk analysis – How serious is this event?
  • Investigation – What happened?
  • Root cause analysis – Why did this happen?
  • Corrective action – How are we going to fix this?
  • Audit – Did we fix the issue?
  • Feedback – All safe! Thank you for reporting.