Resource and waste management initiatives


We are always looking for ways to divert materials from landfill. Over and above the regular recycling program, we also:

  • Recycle paper towels, shrink wrap, batteries and pens
  • Have an organics recycling bins in the food kitchens in the terminals and our administration building
  • Require our construction contractors to have programs in place to recycle construction and building materials.

Please note that the handling of international waste is regulated by the federal government. These standards are in place to protect and prevent the spread of disease or other threats to Canadian plants, wildlife and agribusiness.

Stormwater management

One of our biggest environmental programs is our Stormwater Management System. The airport lands are home to four end-of-pipe stormwater facilities and a series of stormwater retention ponds.

The stormwater facilities normally represent the final control point prior to leaving airport property. Each also has the ability to divert the stormwater to the sanitary sewer system. This allows us to control the quantity and quality of stormwater leaving the airport.

We also have an extensive sampling program where key locations, including each of the facilities, are sampled weekly to monitor the quality of stormwater leaving the airport property.

Glycol recovery

During winter, glycol is needed to deice the planes. Deicing takes place in our Central Deicing Facility, which is responsible for the majority of the storage and spraying of all planes. The entire facility has a high-density polyethylene liner to collect any fluids that weep through the surface.