Our transit vision

On average, Toronto-area commuters spend 96 minutes each day getting where they need to go. That’s 10 minutes more than commuters in Los Angeles!

We’ve outlined a vision for a new multi-modal transit hub at Toronto Pearson. It’s where roads, buses and new and existing rail services will meet and make it easier for hundreds of thousands of people to get where they need to go every day.

For now, we dubbed this transit hub “Union Station West,” because it could become almost as important for regional mobility in the Western GTHA as Union Station in downtown Toronto.

Union Station West will connect people to jobs

Did you know that Pearson sits at the centre of Canada’s second-largest employment area? There’s about 300,000 people who work within the Airport Employment Zone, and nearly 50,000 who work at Pearson. Nearly one million daily car trips are made to and from the airport – making it the largest source of car trips in the entire Greater Golden Horseshoe.

Transit use

Increasing transit use by as little as 3% could take 155,000 cars off the road, leading to less congestion on our streets and shorter travel times around the GTHA.

Union Station West will boost transit ridership

Pearson borders three of the largest municipalities in Canada and has a GO Train corridor and several planned or existing transit lines nearby. By connecting these lines with a new regional transportation hub, we can triple the number of passengers using public transit and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 83,000 metric tonnes each year. That’s the equivalent of taking 18,000 cars off the road.

UP Express

Did you know the UP Express carries 300,000 riders each month to Pearson’s Terminal 1?

You can be a part of the advocacy for better transit. Visit torontopearson.com/transit to learn more about the benefits and our progress to make Union Station West a reality.

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