Regional employment

Our growth directly corresponds to significant job creation and GDP growth in Ontario, adding to our importance as an economic engine for all of Canada. The area around Pearson Airport is the second-largest employment zone in Canada with more jobs than the central business districts of Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary.

Pearson employment facts

  • 49,000 employees work at Pearson (up 22% from 2011)
  • We facilitate 332,000 jobs across Ontario, 6% of the province's labour force
  • We generate or facilitate 6.3% or $42 billion of Ontario’s GDP
  • We are the second largest employment zone in Canada

Regional distribution of jobs

Our economic impact extends to regions around the airport. For example, Pearson generates or facilitates:

  • 86,000 jobs (1 in 10) in Peel Region
  • 60,000 jobs (1 in 20) in the City of Toronto
  • 17,000 jobs (1 in 33) in York Region
  • 18,000 jobs (1 on 10) in Halton Region
  • 3,000 jobs (1 in 10) in Durham Region
An image of the cover of Toronto Pearson's Economic Impact Report

Toronto Pearson's Economic Impact report

Outlines regional employment-related findings.

Read the report (PDF, 4 MB)