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Facility Alteration Permit (FAP) request 

All new construction, alterations and applicable contractor activities on Airport Lands need to have written approval in the form of a Facility Alteration Permit (FAP).

To find out if you need an FAP, contact the Construction Compliance and Permits Office (CCPO) at constructioncompliance@gtaa.com.

Application requirements

Your FAP application must include the following:

  • Completed (FAP or QuickFAP) Application for Airport Construction
  • Sealed and signed Issued for Construction design drawings and documents
  • Completed Letter of Undertaking (for tenant work only)
  • Completed General Review Commitment Certificates (GRCC) from each applicable discipline
  • Contractor’s Safety Documentation, which must include their Project Specific Safety Plan, NOP (if required) and Form 1000

Refer to CCPO Guide - FAP Process NOP Requirement 2024.

Applications with no code issues can be expedited using the QuickFAP process, which only includes the contractor’s safety review. To find out if your project can use the QuickFAP process, email constructioncompliance@gtaa.com.

For more information, read the Airport FAP Application Guide 2024.

Invitation to review (ITR)

Once the FAP application package is received, the CCPO will determine which independent consultants need to be involved in the project’s FAP Review Process.

An ITR will then be sent to one or all the following independent consultants depending on the scope of work:

  • The Independent Code Compliance Consultant (ICCC)
  • The Independent Construction Safety Consultant (ICSC)
  • The Independent Utility Locates Contractor (IULC)

We will then send an Application Review Notice (ARN) email to the FAP Applicant detailing the specific requirements or additional information that may be required before the FAP (Orange Placard) can be issued.

Requirements for issuing a FAP (orange) placard

Before issuing a FAP placard, the CCPO must have the following:

  • Confirmation that all code issues have been addressed by the applicant and a letter has been issued by ICCC recommending that the FAP be issued (as applicable)
  • Confirmation from ICSC that they have received and reviewed all required contractor’s safety documentation
  • Submission of any additional information that may have been requested in the ARN sent to the applicant when the application was received


Once CCPO has received all required information and completed its review, they will notify the applicant by email of FAP approval.

To pick up your FAP placard, contact ICSC directly. The placard must be posted on-site prior to starting any contractor activities.

FAP documents you may need

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