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Building room and door number requests

Any project that proposes to modify, remove or create new space in any facility must apply for new room and door numbers, which can only be assigned by Pearson.

To request new room and door numbers, submit a geo-referenced CADD layout of the proposed alteration that overlays with existing GTAA CADD data to the GTAA Engineering Data unit at engdata@gtaa.com.

Tenant requirements definition process

The Airport Planning and Technical Services (APTS) department at Pearson conducts this definition process to help Customer and Terminal Services (CTS) gather requirements, guidelines and resources from Pearson stakeholders to accommodate tenant work at the airport.


  1. Initiation: Includes submission of Space Allocation Request and Facility Request Form (FRF). Once all requirements are collected, a Project Requirements Brief (PRB) is created and forwarded to the tenant.
  2. Assessment: Finalization of the PRB with the tenant and CTS. Project advisors or managers will be assigned if necessary.
  3. Development: Tenant produces design documents after receiving data provisions from the GTAA. Once reviewed by GTAA and stakeholders, the tenant will complete all construction documents before submitting a Facility Alteration Permit (FAP). Once project coordinators provide project sign-off, the tenant can apply for FAP.

Tenant requirements definition is not required for for capital projects.