Thanks for the memories 2019 Summer Street Team!


Given the rapid pace of change in relation to COVID-19 and Public Health recommendations on social distancing, we will not be going forward with the launch of our 2020 Summer Street Team. Please check back here regularly for updates. 

This summer was a busy one for the Pearson Street Team. Having participated in over 65 community events, such as farmers’ markets, ribfests, community centres and community BBQs, our Street Team met nearly 6000 of our neighbours!

Members of the Street Team at Ribfest
A member of the Street Team waving from inside a recycling can

With Pearson being Canada's largest airport, serving approximately 50 million passengers last year and  2.4 million people living in the surrounding area, we believe it's important to be a good neighbour and work with our community. Our Summer Street Team helps us do this by going out into the community all summer long to share information about how we operate and build relationships.

Just like last year, we worked with ACCES Employment to recruit our fantastic Street Team. We’re sad to see this year’s summer Street Team go; however, we’ll be looking to recruit for next year in Spring 2020.

Street Team bootMembers of the Street Team posing under a pop-up tent

As we wait for Summer 2020's Street Team, you can still spot us out in your community:

Thanks for a great summer! 

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