Toronto Pearson’s first Amazon ‘Just Walk Out’ technology store, The Goods Express, now open!

Paradies Lagardère’s new Amazon ‘just walk out’ technology store, The Goods Express, is now open in Toronto Pearson Terminal 1 by gate D22.  Passengers can access the store once they have passed security. Teaming up with ARHT Media Inc, the retail store plans to wow travelers with interactive holographic displays, and a one-of-a-kind shopping experience!

The Goods Express features fully frictionless payment technology – making it the first retail store using Amazon’s ‘just walk out’ tech in a Canadian airport. Customers swipe their credit card  or mobile wallet to enter, take the items they wish to purchase, and upon exit, their credit card will automatically be charged for the items purchased, free of any lineups.

The Goods Express offers all your travel essentials, whether it be drinks, snacks, grab n’ go food, travel accessories, and electronics. Customers can touch and feel the products in-store and only be charged for the items you walk out with.  Customers who would like a receipt can enter their email address into the touchpad as they exit the store, and a digital receipt will be emailed to them within fifteen minutes.

Travelers with tight connections and frequent travelers will benefit from the quick and convenient new service offered by The Goods Express.

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