On June 26th, the Canadian Airports Council is inviting airports across the country to celebrate the inaugural Airport Workers Day.
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Kids games


Can you imagine that!
TVO Kids

Create your own character and scene then animate!


Colouring book
CBC Kids

Choose a line drawing of your favourite CBC Kids character and use the colouring palette to colour it in! Tap on the camera icon on the top right hand corner to save your work to the computer or device's camera roll.


Colour pipes
CBC Kids

Connect dots of the same colour to clear the screen. Be careful — colour pipes cannot cross over each other, so you'll have to find ways to bend them around each other to make them fit.


T-Rex Runner
CBC Kids

See how many obstacles you can avoid as your T-Rex runs faster and faster. Jump over cactus and duck under flying pterodactyl.


Video episodes of The Art Show
CBC Kids

The Art Show is a series where real children get inspired by art and make something of their very own.