Flight Song

In the early 1990s, he began to methodically chronicle Leonardo da Vinci’s notes on flight. Coyle created a replica of da Vinci’s flying machine by piecing together clues from the master’s incomplete notes and sketches. The resulting series of collectible artwork earned him the moniker of “da Vinci’s fabricator.” 

In communicating the “essence of flight” in the site-specific installation Flight Song, Coyle arranged a series of paper airplanes in a “musical movement based on sequential logic that speaks to the terminal and its natural light.” In the artist’s own words, “the work intends to reflect the movement of passengers as well as communicate feelings of levity that are at the core of all our aerial exploits.” 

Terminal 1, Domestic, Departures

Date: 2003 - Present
Materials: Shot Blasted lexan sheet, lexan rod, stainless steel cable
Dimensions: 19 Figures, each 1.5 metres long 

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