Bar 120: Cuisine Transformed

The menu was developed by celebrity chef Chef Placko who is known for his molecular cuisine expertise that incorporates new techniques and creativity. Try the mac and cheese flatbread and finish your meal with an edible helium balloon.

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  • Terminal 1  — After security (Canada)  — Near gate D20 View map
  • Every day from 12:00 pm to 8:30 pm


Menu developed by Chef John Placko, Culinary Director, Modern Culinary Academy

  • Antipasti

    Capicollo, soppressata, prosciutto, double cream brie, parmesan, melon, quince paste, bread wafers


  • Cheese and Mango Chutney Tube

    Brie, cheddar, havarti, blue, grapes on the vine, crisp raspberry, crackers


  • Crispy Chicken Wings

    Chipotle mayo, smoked under a dome


  • Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Two Ways

    Smoked salmon bagel popsicles, dill


  • Lamb Sliders

    Tzatziki, mint jelly, celeriac apple slaw


  • CChef's choice
  • Squash Apple Soup

    Ginger goat cheese, black garlic gel


  • Caprese Soup

    Tomato bisque, whipped cheese, crisp basil, balsamic glaze, olive oil


  • CChef's choice
  • Beet Goat Cheese Salad

    Kale in textures, smokey mustard


  • Grilled Bacon and Chicken Breast Quinoa Salad C

    Whipped coconut-peanut dressing, vegetable strings


  • Succotash Salad and Corn Ice Cream C

    Edamame, corn, peppers, onion, corn ice cream, bacon snow


  • CChef's choice
  • Canadian Club Sandwich

    Turkey, multi-grain, cran mayo, maple and canadian club gel, bacon, kettle chips


  • Grilled Vegetable Sandwich

    Peppers, eggplant, zucchini, mozzarella, rouille, ciabatta, pesto, kettle chips


  • Grilled Cheese Stack and Dijon Mustard Pipettes

    Prosciutto, granny smith apple


  • Pulled Chicken Tacos C

    Chipotle mayo, tomato salsa gel, lime


  • Crispy Fish Tacos

    Chipotle mayo, tomato salsa gel, lime


  • Mac and Cheese Flatbread

    Bacon, whipped cheese, chive


  • Roasted cauliflower and Parmesan Flatbread

    Hummus, cauliflower, whipped pomegranate


  • Mediterranean Burger

    Chick pea, quinoa, tahini, chipotle foam, celeriac apple slaw, fries


  • CChef's choice
  • 48 Hour Ribs

    Parsnip-apple BBQ sauce, crispy onions, celeriac apple slaw, cornbread


  • Poached Salmon

    Hollandaise, cauliflower, mixed grain pilaf, dill


  • CChef's choice
  • Frozen Nutella® Popsicles with Toasted Marshmallow C

    Graham cracker crumbs, chocolate dipping sauce


  • CChef's choice
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