On June 26th, the Canadian Airports Council is inviting airports across the country to celebrate the inaugural Airport Workers Day.
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Elevate your holiday cheers with 13th Street Winery at Vino Volo

Vino Volo Wine Bar’s featured winery of the month celebrates the richness and diversity of Canadian wines. This holiday season, our spotlight is on 13th Street Winery. Deeply rooted in the winemaking community of Niagara, they were awarded #1 Winery in Ontario and #2 in Canada at the 2022 National Wine Awards of Canada.

Come explore all their finest offerings all through the festive season.

Enjoy a wide variety of wines and a full menu while waiting to catch your flight or purchase your favorite local wines as gifts for friends and family. Vino Volo Wine Bar offers a full dine-in menu to go along with more than 30 hand-selected wines, including unique offerings from Canada and around the world.

The wine bar operates daily from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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