On June 26th, the Canadian Airports Council is inviting airports across the country to celebrate the inaugural Airport Workers Day.
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It’s Airport Safety Week

Our goal for this week is to educate and engage all airport workers in creating a safe work environment. Each day will focus on different safety topics and employees will be able to participate in online contests and have chances to win some great prizes.

Activities will include:

Suspicious Sam

Suspicious Sam is a security incentive program to promote a culture of security vigilance and reporting. Suspicious Sam will not be wearing his/her airport pass, acting suspicious, asking suspicious questions or trying to piggyback through security doors. Any employee who challenges and reports Suspicious Sam successfully will receive a reward for following proper security procedures. 

In The Moment Health and Safety Awards

Airside Safety and Public Safety Officers (ASO/PSO) will be recognizing employees during safety week on the spot and handing out prizes in the moment for safe behaviours.

Airport Safety Week Fair 

We are hosting an in-person Airport Safety Week fair that will include an Airside Rodeo and guided tour of the Apron Management Unit (AMU). Participants from various areas of the airport will be on site at the fair, including Airport Operations, GTAA Fire and Emergency Services, Falcon Environment Services, I am Toronto Pearson, Mark’s Commercial, PCL Construction and Toronto Pearson Safety Team.

FOD Walk

Employees will join together to keep the airside free of hazards by helping to pick up airside foreign object debris (FOD). 

These are just some of the activities happening at Toronto Pearson this week. Employees will also have the opportunity to take part in contests, webinars hosted by Canadian Airports Council and join us on-site for the Airport Safety Week fair and FOD walk.

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