People of Pearson: Nelson

“My name is Nelson and I’m the Manager of Terminal Development and Activation at the GTAA, and I’ve been at the airport for over 30 years. I’m someone who is passionate about people, so being involved in the work that brings new passenger facilities to life to enhance their airport experience is something that brings me a lot of joy.

“Recently, my team has been assisting with a restoration project of the IFC (Infield Concourse). Currently, this facility has been working at half capacity, so we’ve been working hard in getting this facility back up to the 11-gate facility that it was originally designed as. This means it will have more stand capacity (meaning more gates to park airplanes and board passengers) when we’re in a busy summer operation and increase our resiliency.

“This role is incredibly rewarding in so many ways. Being able to apply my operational knowledge and contribute my unique perspective at the table is both fulfilling and satisfying, and collaborating with brilliant individuals and constantly learning something new every day is an absolute thrill.

“There are so many moving pieces in everything we do as an operation. Our checklists are vital, but they may not catch everything. There are times when I worry about missing something important that could potentially impact our passenger experience, but thankfully I work alongside such a great group of individuals who have each other’s backs and are always motivating one another.”

- Nelson, Manager, Terminal Development and Activation, GTAA

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