People of Pearson: Monica

Monica is a Talent Acquisition Associate for the GTAA. She is a supporter of new employee recruitment and onboarding and an expert relationship builder and people person. 

Find out more about Monica and her role at Toronto Pearson.

Why the GTAA/Toronto Pearson?

I've always been intrigued by the aviation industry. It's just so exciting and there's so much that you don't see behind the scenes until you actually start working for an airline, an airport or an authority like us. The company gives back to employees so much and they value the hard work that we put into making Toronto Pearson operate. 
But even when you travel, it's that experience of the environment, the culture that really resonates with you and makes you want to come back.  

What do you love most about your job?

I love being that first person that our new hires connect with. I know starting a new job is super scary and sometimes from when you resign from your old job to starting your new job, you're nervous; you don't know what to expect. So, I think for me, having that ability to make that impact and to basically be an advocate for our employee culture and for essentially the company is what I love most about the onboarding portion of my job. 

What is your secret talent that no one knows about? 

Oh my gosh, I’m not talented! But if I had to pick...I’m a very good hockey player. I played left wing for over 10 years in an all-girls league and I loved it. 

Quick Hits

  • Favourite place you’ve travelled to? Italy 
  • Cats or dogs? Dogs
  • Favourite food? Pizza
  • Movie theatre or streaming? Movie theatre 
  • If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be? Greece 

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