Seamless Connections: Introducing the Satellite Primary Inspection Line (SPIL) at Terminal 3

We are thrilled to introduce the Satellite Primary Inspection Line (SPIL), a facility designed to enhance your travel experience through Terminal 3.

Travelers arriving at Toronto Pearson airport and proceeding to catch domestic flights will now enjoy an easy pathway between international and domestic connections by passing through a new dedicated customs area exclusive for connecting passengers that allows them to stay on the secure side of the airport.

This facility is equipped with Primary Inspection Kiosk machines, Canadian Air Transport Security Agency lanes, and Canada Border Services Agency booths, a family washroom, a waiting area, and Operational Support Representatives to guide passengers.

The new connection facility is set to significantly reduce connection time, giving connecting travelers the flexibility to explore a variety of shopping and lounge services available at the airport terminal, enhancing the overall experience.

This is a collaborative effort between GTAA, CBSA, and CATSA to deliver services to connecting passengers ensuring a smooth, stress-free and efficient experience while passing through Pearson airport.

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