Children are the Future

Daniel Mazzone was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. As part of an artistic family, he was surrounded by a world of visual concepts and expression. His mother was an art instructor, and Mazzone became particularly interested in the composition and production of stained glass at a young age. 

In 2013, Mazzone began exhibiting at both the Canadian Heritage Art Company and at Hazelton Fine Art Gallery. In December 2015, he made his official Art Basel Miami debut, selling out his entire collection.

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To make this piece, Daniel visited eleven countries in 2019, collecting textiles and other physical samples from Thailand, Philippines, Israel, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Peru, Canada, England, Italy and the United States. 

“My work is physically comprised of little fragments of my subject’s visual history, where I source historical artifacts such as letters, magazine covers, newspaper articles, song lyrics,” explains Daniel, talking about his artwork. “I assemble and abstract these original components so that they integrate simultaneously into the new body of work. This artwork features two children, because children are the future of our planet. I collected materials from all these countries to not only give life to the artwork, but to show the world coming together to form something beautiful.”

map pin
Terminal 1, level 3 post security (AT level), International Departures 

Date: 2020 – Present
Materials: Collage mosaic
Art name: Children are the Future