Accessibility Plan

As a terminal operator in Canada forming part of the federal transportation network, this is the GTAA’s Accessibility Plan, which is a roadmap to creating and maintaining impactful accessibility. This Accessibility Plan has been prepared in accordance with the Accessible Canada Act, its Principles and Regulations, and the Canada Transportation Act (CTA), as applicable to the GTAA.

This Accessibility Plan explores the GTAA’s policies, programs, practices and services in relation to the identification and removal of barriers, and the prevention of new barriers in the following seven key areas:

  • Built environment
  • Transportation
  • Information and communication technologies (ICT)
  • Communication, other than ICT
  • Design and delivery of programs and services
  • Employment
  • Procurement of goods, services and facilities

This Accessibility Plan also explores the actions being taken to identify, remove and prevent barriers by outlining short- and long-term commitments to further improve accessibility now and into the future. This Accessibility Plan is anticipated to be updated every three years, inclusive of progress reports or as otherwise advised by CTA and its Regulations.

Alternate format(s)

Should you require an alternate accessible format of this Accessibility Plan, please contact us by using any of the channels listed below under the Accessibility Plan Feedback Process. 

Accessibility Plan Feedback Process

If you have feedback about how the GTAA is implementing its Accessibility Plan, and/or have feedback regarding any encountered barriers with the GTAA as an individual, a traveller, or employee, you can reach out to us personally or anonymously.

Contact us using the email, phone number or mailing address outlined below, or by submitting an online accessibility feedback form through our website or direct messaging us through our social media channels using the links below.

Our feedback options provide an acknowledgement of receipt that will be provided in the same way we received your feedback unless you provided your feedback anonymously.

The GTAA’s Manager, Passenger Care, is responsible for overseeing the handling of feedback on behalf of the GTAA. The GTAA will review and assess feedback about the implementation of the Accessibility Plan or barriers encountered with the GTAA, and we will respond back to you unless we receive your feedback anonymously. All feedback will be logged, assessed and any changes made as a result of the feedback will be published in our progress report.

If you would like to request the description of this feedback process in an alternate accessible format, please reach out to us using any of the channels listed above.