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Embracing Differences with Ready, Set, Fly…with YYZ

Airports are often busy, bustling places with long lines and delays. It can be an overwhelming experience for families with kids with autism and neurodivergent needs. Recognizing the importance of providing a supportive and stress-free journey for such families and as a nod to Autism Awareness month in Canada, Toronto Pearson Airport hosted a special event yesterday- "Ready, Set, Fly…with YYZ".

The event, in association with Autism Ontario and Air Transat including CATSA, CBSA, GTAdnata and MagnusCards®, saw 100 people, specifically families with children with autism and neurodivergent needs, taken through an immersive experience. Through simulated real-life scenarios, the families practiced all the necessary steps involved in air travel. Families gained valuable insights into airport procedures, from getting their boarding pass to going through the security processes, boarding an Air Transat flight, listening to in-flight security instructions and deboarding a plane, and the resources available to support them (e.g. our Sunflower Lanyard program, MagnusCards®, activity books)

The event helped our staff acquire a deeper understanding of the unique needs of these individuals and gain valuable insights into how to provide appropriate and accommodating services.

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