Our Strategic Plan

Toronto Pearson is the front door to Canada and a major driver of economic activity within the region. The Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA), operator of Toronto Pearson, has a bold vision for the future, and has set out a plan to deliver a first-class experience for its passengers, employees, airlines and other partners.

Guided by its new 10-year strategic plan for 2023-2032, the GTAA will have a relentless focus on customer experience, operational excellence, continuous improvement and employee growth and fulfillment. 

Read our 10-year strategic plan: Building for the Future

Where we're going

Our Vision

Putting the joy back into travel by making Toronto Pearson the chosen place to fly and work.

Our Mission

We will make Toronto Pearson a global leader in airport performance, customer care and sustainability. We are powered by our people and innovate in all that we do, striving for the most uplifting, safe and efficient next-generation airport. We champion prosperity in our communities and the aviation ecosystem.

How we'll get there

Transform and elevate the interactions with our customers at every step

We exist to serve our passengers and airport partners. We will make air travel as seamless as possible by connecting passengers, airlines, and key aviation ecosystem partners with innovative technology.

  • Implement digital tools across all touchpoints for a more seamless passenger journey – with streamlined processing, digital trip planning and predictable wait times
  • Make it easier to get here, through increased transit connectivity and expanded curbside capacity
  • Become a partner of choice for those doing business at the airport, with initiatives aligned the priorities of our community and government

Forge stronger and more flexible operations in our terminals, groundside, and in the air

Operations are at the core of the business and the foundation of the experience we provide to our passengers and partners. We will build smart to enable growth, while improving the passenger experience.

  • Digitized processes that streamline airport flow and transfer experience – including border processing
  • Continue our transition to more sustainable energy sources across airport operations
  • Grow airport-wide culture of responsibility and accountability among our many partners

Drive innovation across airport operations and the broader aviation ecosystem

Championing an impactful innovation culture that encourages continuous modernization and rewards experimentation, make Toronto Pearson - and the broader aviation sector - faster, better, stronger.

  • Create an ecosystem of innovation partners in the public and private sectors to cultivate and accelerate initiatives
  • Leverage our strengths to offer new products and services available to our passengers and customers

Foster a vibrant culture and resilient workforce

We will become a top employer in Canada and destination for top talent and equip the airport workforce with the skills, tools, environment to undertake new challenges and adapt to the evolving aviation sector.

  • Inspire, find, and generate workforce of the future, while leading skills development in the aviation sector
  • Commitment to continuous improvement of our employment environment, including facilities, processes and culture
  • Reflect the diversity of surrounding communities in Toronto Pearson’s workforce and ensure an inclusive and accessible workplace

A culture of sustainability

We are infusing sustainability into our culture and weaving ESG considerations into all of our decisions and into work with our partners. Preserving and improving our physical environment and reducing our impact is core to our purpose and essential in realizing our vision.

Our Foundation

As we put our 2023-2032 strategic plan into action, we are also committed to elements that ensure we continue to operate an airport that is safe, reliable and financially stable.

Safety, Security & Health: ensure the highest standards of safety, security and health of all airport staff, partners, and passengers

Data & Digital Technology: leverage advanced and resilient technologies, data infrastructure, and ecosystems to support operations and enable new business relationships

Physical Infrastructure: deliver leading airport facilities to meet forecast demand

Financial Resilience & Responsibility: a commitment to financial stability, diversification, and to providing social and economic benefits to the GTA and broader economy

An image of the cover of Toronto Pearson's Master Plan 2017-2037

Master Plan - 2017-2037

In addition to our strategic plan to guide our business decisions, the GTAA also separately develops a Master Plan with 20-year horizon as part of our 60-year ground lease with the Government of Canada.

This comprehensive document provides a snapshot of our existing facilities, conditions and capabilities, examines future needs and establishes a Land Use Plan for Toronto Pearson. This document is submitted every ten years to Transport Canada.

Learn about our current Master Plan (2017-2037) (PDF, 2.6 MB)