Guiding principles and priorities

We have developed a 20-year plan, guided by core principles and priorities that balance purposeful and flexible growth with corporate responsibility and accountability to our passengers and workforce.


Our planning for the next two decades will be guided by the following core principles:

  • Maximize economic benefits to communities while minimizing negative impacts to communities.
  • Recognize that rapid technological change will demand our ongoing attention and adaptation.
  • Integrate our planning with that of our neighbours and hosts. Be an active, collaborative participant in a network of thriving regional airports.
  • Develop flexible plans that help us respond in a timely way to changes in our environment.
  • Divide our 20-year planning horizon into shorter increments of detailed study and action.


Our 20-year strategic framework sets out six key priorities that inform all of our business activities and organizational decisions:

  • Safety. Focus on the safety and security of everyone who visits or works at our airport.
  • People. Develop a talented, high-performing workforce to achieve our vision.
  • Passenger and customer service. Pursue operational efficiency while providing a superior travel experience.
  • Financial sustainability. Generate sufficient returns to support our day-to-day operations and invest in infrastructure, customer service and debt reduction.
  • Aviation growth. Expand connectivity to benefit the surrounding region, Ontario and all of Canada.
  • Corporate responsibility. Work with our stakeholders to preserve the environment and support thriving communities.