Remotely piloted aircraft systems

The safety and security of everyone at Toronto Pearson is our top priority. Remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS), or drones, can be used for various reasons, including site surveys, wildlife control or for emergency scenarios. Nevertheless, RPAS can pose a risk to the safety of aircraft both on and off the ground.


Canadian Aviation Regulations

RPAS are considered to be aircraft by Transport Canada, so strict adherence to all standards and procedures is mandatory. Drones may be flown on airport property safely with the approval of the GTAA and NAV CANADA. Any operator conducting unauthorized use of RPAS at or around Toronto Pearson can face serious penalties such as fines and or jail time.

RPAS guidelines and procedures are developed by Transport Canada. It is the responsibility of the GTAA to maintain the safety of all aircraft and stakeholders while RPAS operations are underway. 

RPAS Enquiries near or at Pearson

For enquiries regarding RPAS operations at Pearson, please email for more information.

We are working closely with regulatory authorities and key stakeholders to develop an RPAS program that will not only be safe but also effective in using drone technology. 

Please check back soon as more information becomes available. 

For information regarding standards, or to learn more about the Flight Authorization process through NAV CANADA, please visit Transport Canada or NAV CANADA resources.