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The Airport Employee GO Transit Fare Pilot Program is managed at the UP Express service counter located in Terminal 1 on the Arrivals level. Learn more and/or register for the program at the UP Express service counter.

New Burlington transit stop on GO Bus #40!

All GO Bus #40 trips now stop at the Dundas St. @ Hwy. 407 Park & Ride in Burlington. This gives airport employees in Burlington a new direct and affordable way to get to Pearson Airport. Under the Airport Employee GO Transit Fare Program, employees will pay $5.20 each way using their special PRESTO card! Plan your trip now.

We want to give airport employees a better transit experience, so we’re funding an innovative GO fare pilot. Choose GO Transit for your daily work commute as an alternative to driving, and save 50 percent off regular PRESTO fares when you use a special PRESTO card to travel on eligible GO trips. By using PRESTO, you can save even more when connecting to or from GO Transit with co-fares from participating transit agencies.

GO Routes and Eligible Airport Area Stops

The Airport Employee GO Fare Pilot applies to GO trips to and from the airport, including Malton GO and Renforth Station.

Terminal 1 Ground Level

34 – Pearson Airport/North York
40 – Hamilton/Richmond Hill

Malton GO Station / The International Centre

31 – Georgetown
38 – Bolton/Malton
Kitchener GO Train (to Brampton, Georgetown, Guelph, Kitchener)

Renforth Station

19 – Mississauga/North York
40 – Hamilton/Richmond Hill

Learn more about travelling on GO to and from the airport terminals.

Get your special PRESTO card by visiting the UP Express Service Counter in Terminal 1 Arrivals level.

See Terms and Conditions (PDF, MB)

How to participate in three easy steps

To participate in the Airport Employee GO Fare Pilot, you must register for a special PRESTO card. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit the UP Express Service Counter in Terminal 1 (Arrivals Level) to enroll into the Airport Employee GO Fare Pilot.
  2. Go to to register your special PRESTO card and load funds onto the card. (Note: you can also sign up for PRESTO autoload to ensure you have money on your card when you need it.)
  3. Tap your special PRESTO card on green PRESTO devices when commuting to and from the airport on GO Transit. Be prepared to show your airport identification and PRESTO card if requested by GO staff. Visit for information on how to travel on GO with PRESTO.

For additional details on airport identification, see the question and answer guide.

Plan your commute so you can find time to read, watch, text or nap to and from the airport

Get more information on GO Transit service to the airport terminals. You can use Triplinx to plan your trip with real time trip-planning information to the airport terminals and other airport locations.

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