Airport Security and Safety Awareness

Airport Security and Safety Awareness learning is designed to educate airport employees of their role and responsibilities as it relates to airport security and safety. This learning is completed online and divided into three modules:

  • Module 1 – a Security Awareness national module;
  • Module 2 – a Security Awareness YYZ site-specific module; and
  • Module 3 – a Health and Safety Awareness module. 

This training is mandatory for:

  • A new airport employee applying for a Transportation Security Clearance to obtain a Restricted Area Identity Card (RAIC);
  • An existing RAIC holder applying to renew their Transportation Security Clearance and RAIC before expiry;
  • A returning RAIC holder who has not worked at Toronto Pearson for more than 12 months and requires a RAIC; and
  • An existing RAIC holder transferring from another Canadian airport to Toronto Pearson requiring a YYZ RAIC.

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