Eye on Safety Recognition Program

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The Eye on Safety Recognition Program categories have been updated to align with our strategic pillars of building a strong safety culture and our goal of zero injuries.

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Take some time to familiarize yourself with the updated program guidelines the Suspicious Sam program and keep your eyes open for safe and healthy work all around our airport.

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2023 Eye on Safety Awards Ceremony

The annual Eye on Safety (EOS) Recognition Awards ceremony shines a spotlight on our Safety Champions across the Toronto Pearson Airport community and supports our vision of zero injuries.

All employees and organizations operating at YYZ are welcome to submit monthly nominations to acknowledge individual contributors and teams who demonstrate exemplary work in promoting health and safety work practices. The EOS Awards ceremony is an opportunity for all winners, nominees, leaders, stakeholders and event sponsors to celebrate the year’s positive safety culture milestones.

The 2023 EOS Awards was our first in-person ceremony since 2019; the GTAA honored all award winners from 2021 to 2023.

Check out the 2021, 2022, 2023 EOS Award winners here.

Eye on Safety Spotlight

Airfield Electrical Team, GTAA 


Airfield electrical GTAA

The GTAA Airfield Electrical Maintenance Team has not only corrected over 5200 lights on the airfield since August 2022, but they have also maintained the ability for aircraft to safely arrive and depart at night and in low visibility conditions. This team was recognized for their tireless efforts to keep the travelling public, aircraft, pilots, the aviation community and other GTAA airside staff safe during night operations! 

Fire Services Instructors at FESTI


Every day, our team works with students and instructs them on safe practices and hazard awareness. The team, which includes Neil Stephens, Jade McGarr, Randy Fleming, Alan Brody, Chad Kavanaugh, Mark Smith, Chris Thomas and Steph Haldane, work with clients and staff in a high-risk environment, yet maintains a low recordable injury rate. Congratulations to this outstanding team at our Fire Emergency Services Training Institute!

Patricia L. Pass Permit Office, GTAA

Patricia L

Through GTAA wellness, Patricia always follows safety rules and puts a high level of importance on employee safety and health, setting a great example for others to do the same through her leadership in the office.

Obo Hassan, Dexterra

Obo Hassan

Obo is a diligent and dedicated individual whose work ethic is outstanding. Obo has been working at Pearson for 13 years and every year looks for new ways to incorporate safety with Dexterra. He prioritizes safety not only for their employees but all guests and workers at YYZ.

Parveen M., AAS Canada Inc., Core Division

Parveen M

Parveen was the surrey driver for a passenger who suffered an apparent coronary incident on the morning of April 13. Parveen immediately phoned the GTAA emergency line. Despite the stress and urgency of the situation, Parveen kept her cool in directing medical assistance to the scene. Thank you, Parveen, for your continued efforts, your situational awareness and practicing safe reporting!

Thank you for being a safety champion at Toronto Pearson! 

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Since 2020, COVID-19 has changed everything we do – including how we keep ourselves, each other and our passengers safe. The Eye on Safety Awards have changed too.

The refreshed Eye on Safety Awards program will recognize individual and organizational contributions to healthy and safe work practices in every area of our airport.

Suspicious Sam Program Award

Rauf Ahmed, Airport Terminal Services

May 2, 2024


Vivian Remampagos, Plaza Premium

Sep 19, 2023

Sofia Arroyo De Dicinto, Dexterra

Sep 19, 2023

Sindu Kanwaljeet Kaur, SSP

Sep 19, 2023

Justin Daniel Boonstra, TKE Elevator

Sep 19, 2023

Jahara Ajanah St Bernard, Garda

Sep 19, 2023

Gabriel Gill, Rocky Mountain Chocolate

Sep 19, 2023


Ricardo Jorge, Ribero Da Costa, GTAA

Aug 1, 2023

Juan Astesiano, ATS

Aug 1, 2023


Ross McLean, Air Canada

May 5, 2023

Ross McLean

Christine Ann Learmont, Air Canada
April 5, 2023

Christine Ann Learmont -Air Canada


Chetankumar Patel, GTAA

April 5, 2023

Chetankumar Patel - GTAA

Arrol Thomas Armstrong
Air Canada 

Arrol Thomas Armstrong

Luis Torres

Luis Torres

Myrna Magno

Myrna Magno

Shane Oliver Tingling
GTA Dnata

Shane Oliver Tingling